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sculk (third-person singular simple present sculks, present participle sculking, simple past and past participle sculked)

  1. Alternative spelling of skulk
    • 1786, Boswell, Life Of Johnson, Volume 5[1]:
      It is a poor thing for a fellow to get drunk at night, and sculk to bed, and let his friends have no sport.'
    • 1915, Aphra Behn, The Works of Aphra Behn, Vol. III[2]:
      No, Sir, you had good Clothes when you came first, but they dwindled daily, till they dwindled to this old Campaign--with tan'd coloured Lining--once red--but now all Colours of the Rain-bow, a Cloke to sculk in a Nights, and a pair of piss-burn'd shammy Breeches.
    • 1910, Jonathan Swift, Poems (Volume II.)[3]:
      Let other nice lords sculk at home from the wars, Prank'd up and adorn'd with garters and stars, Which but twinkle like those in a cold frosty night; While to yours you are adding such lustre and light, That if you proceed, I'm sure very soon 'Twill be brighter and larger than the sun or the moon: A blazing star, I foretell, 'twill prove to the Gaul, That portends of his empire the ruin and fall.