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seponate (third-person singular simple present seponates, present participle seponating, simple past and past participle seponated)

  1. (medicine, rare, transitive, nonstandard, chiefly Scandinavian, chiefly in passive) To remove (a medication) from a patient's treatment.
    • 1926, in Acta Ophthalmologica, Volume 3,[1] Munksgaard, page 231:
      16 patients had, according to order, been using myotics all the time before the after-examination. With 10 of those the drops could be seponated.
    • 1957, in Annales Paediatriae Fenniae, Volume 3, Issue 2,[2] Duodecim, page 488:
      There was a striking connexion between periods of remission when the thyroid preparation was given, and exacerbations when the drug was seponated.
    • 1984, in Lars A. Carlson et al. (editors), Treatment of Hyperlipoproteinemia,[3] Raven Press, →ISBN, page 116:
      Note the prompt increase in cholesterol levels when treatment is seponated or dosage reduced.

Usage notes[edit]

  • This term does not appear to be used by native English speakers; rather, it is found only in English works by Scandinavian authors, who apparently assume the existence of an English cognate for Norwegian seponere, Swedish seponera, German seponieren, and so on.