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See shog, joggle.



shoggle (third-person singular simple present shoggles, present participle shoggling, simple past and past participle shoggled)

  1. (obsolete, Scotland, Northern England, dialect) Alternative form of shoogle (shake, rock rapidly)
    • 1897, Bertram Mitford, The Sign of the Spider:
      It stood for a moment in rigid immobility, then ere the maniacal echoes of that shout had quavered into silence among the cliffs, it shoggled over the ridge and was lost to view.
    • 1889, Henry Anderson Bryde, Kloof and Karroo: Sport, Legend and Natural History in Cape Colony:
      The awful silence of this sepulchral place was presently , as we rested for ten minutes , broken by a posse of baboons , who having espied us from their krantzes above, came shoggling down to see what we were.