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shoe +‎ -en



  1. (archaic or dialectal) plural of shoe
    • 1686, Anonymous, “Lyke-Wake Dirge”, recorded by John Aubrey in Remains of Gentilisme & Judaisme, Lansdowne Manuscripts No. 231, folio 114:
      If ever thou gave either hosen or shun
      Sitt thee downe and putt them on
      But if hosen nor shoon thou never gave nean
      The Whinnes shall prick thee to the bare beane
    • 1901, Anna Hempstead Branch, The heart of the road:
      Her hair shone like the sun to the girdle she had on, And the robe that she wore was of green. "Sweet child, little child, how got you there?" Down amid the grasses I found some golden shoon Wrought with fine work all about, []
    • 1913, Paulist Fathers, Catholic world:
      It must be a wonderfully fine thing to be beautifully dressed like Master John, and the leather shoon were exactly the same pattern as those worn by the squire's magnificent son.