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Coined 1993 by Trey Parker in film Cannibal! The Musical as a nonsense word.[1] Later used in episode “The Gift” (May 22, 2001) of TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Joss Whedon, thence popularized by fans.



  1. (slang, US) An exclamation meaning "great" or denoting surprise.
    • 2007. James M. Stillwell. Stand Strong Crew: A Super Tale:
      "Holy Shpadoinkle Danny, you killed like, everything in town."


  1. ^
    TONY: What’s shpadoinkle mean?
    TP: The truth is, a lot of the time when I write songs, I’ll make up some stupid word to fill a gap, knowing how many syllables it needs to be, and when we record it, we’ll replace it with a real word. I did this song for Cannibal!, and I knew it needed to be “It’s a ‘something’ day”, and it had to be three syllables. We recorded it that way ’cause I couldn't think of something, and everyone thought it was great. So I decided, we should just have people say it all the time. People in the movie say it out of happiness, out of sadness, out of anger – it’s a completely meaningless word.
    Time Out New York, 1998, archived at “shpadoinkle