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Alternative forms[edit]


Back-formation from sightseeing.


sightsee (third-person singular simple present sightsees, present participle sightseeing, simple past sightsaw, past participle sightseen)

  1. (intransitive) To go sightseeing; to visit places of interest in a city, town or geographical area.
    • 1985, Jilly Cooper, Riders:
      The German team liked each other, ate, drank, sightsaw, sunbathed and worked their horses together. All were firmly rooting for Ludwig. A German victory was all that mattered.
    • 2013, A Scott Berg, Wilson, Berkley 2014, p. 142:
      It was their first time on the Continent and they sight-saw for a week in Paris […].

Usage notes[edit]

  • Many speakers prefer forms of "go sightseeing".