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  1. (chiefly India) plural of signage
    • 1992, Rajesh Gopal, Rajesh Gopal's Fundamentals of Wildlife Management[1], Justice Home, page 637:
      There are various signages at the park entrance, and other places within the park.
    • 2006, J.M. Jaina & Brothers, Draft master plan for Delhi – 2021: JMJ's what will be Delhi in 2021[2], J.M. Jaina & Brothers, ISBN 9788181940094, page 84:
      Policy on Hoardings, Street furniture and Signages
    • 2007, S. Ramesh Kumar, “Dimensions of Distrubution and Retailing”, in Marketing and Branding: The Indian Scenario[3], Pearson Education India, ISBN 9788131700976, Retail Display/Signages, page 105:
      Moreover, there is a cumulative impact of such signages and it may be difficult to quantify the impact of such an effect, which happens over a period of time.
    • 2010, Swati Bhalla, Anuraag S, “The Basics of Visual Merchandising”, in Visual Merchandising[4], Tata McGraw-Hill Education, ISBN 9780070153219, page 83:
      We come across many signages in our everyday life. From a road signage ‘STOP, LOOK & GO’ or ‘NO PARKING’ to ‘Lifts’ or ‘Fire Exit’ signage in office or cinema hall, we see signages everywhere.