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From Old Spanish cibdat, from Latin cīvitās.


sivdad f (Latin spelling, plural sivdades)

  1. city
    La kapital de Espanya es Madrid, una sivdad kon mas de 3.150.000 habitantes.
    The capital of Spain is Madrid, a city with more than 3,150,000 inhabitants.
    • 2000, David Altabé, Ay koza triste en ser Sefaradi
      Ay koza triste en ser Sefaradi,
      i pensar en las sivdades ke deshi,
      las glories del pasado ke pedri,
      i la soledad en ke me kayi
      There is something sad in being Sefardi
      and thinking of the cities that I've abandoned,
      the glories of the past that I've lost
      and the loneliness into which I've fallen