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Norwegian Bokmål[edit]

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From Old Norse skarlak, which came via Middle Low German scharlaken from Medieval Latin scarlatum, originally from Persian سقرلاط (saqirlāt, a warm woollen cloth), a variant of سقلاط (siqillāt, scarlet cloth), of unknown origin.


skarlagen (masculine and feminine skarlagen, neuter skarlagent, definite singular and plural skarlagne, comparative skarlagnere, indefinite superlative skarlagnest, definite superlative skarlagneste)

  1. scarlet (usage as an adjective is rare; see the synonyms skarlagenrød and skarlagensrød)


skarlagen n (definite singular skarlagenet, indefinite plural skarlagen, definite plural skarlagena or skarlagenene)

  1. scarlet

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