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Blend of smoke +‎ flirt. Apparently coined in Ireland following ban on smoking in pubs.


smirt (third-person singular simple present smirts, present participle smirting, simple past and past participle smirted)

  1. (intransitive, Britain, Ireland) To arrange dates while smoking outside a pub. [from 2004]
    • 2006 March 25, “BURNING PASSION IN CIGGIE SHELTERS”, in The Scottish Daily Record:
      Smirting - a cross between smoking and flirting - is already a huge hit in Dublin where the ban has been in place for two years
    • 2007 July 2, Clover Stroud, “Smoke signals: new dating paths?”, in Daily Mail[1]:
      I have dated three guys that I smirted with, and one of them is now my current boyfriend.
    • 2008 July 1, “Unintended consequences of the smoking ban”, in BBC NEWS:
      Smirting is believed to have started in Temple Bar, Dublin, in 2004
    • 2012, GN Connolly, “How Society Treats Smoking”, in Israel Journal of Health Policy Research:
      As a result, despite the ban, the smoking rate in Ireland has been stuck at around 28% and the expected decline in cigarette consumption never materialized [9]. A new social practice quickly emerged called “smirting”, where young Dubliners smoke and flirt with members of the opposite sex