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somniate (third-person singular simple present somniates, present participle somniating, simple past and past participle somniated)

  1. To drowse.
    • 1719, Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe:
      ...but our powers not always in the same state of action, nor equally attentive to or rententive of the hints that were given, or things might be rendered more or less intelligible to us, as the powers of our soul were more or less dozed or somniated with the oppression of vapours from the body, which occasions sleep;
    • 2003 October 2, AlexT, “NJ cracks down on sleepy drivers that kill”, in talk.politics.misc, Usenet:
      So much for the "safety benefit" of those somniating 100/110kph
  2. To cause to become drowsy.
    • 1671, Richard Saunders, Saunders Physiognomie, and Chiromancie, Metoposcopie:
      As for Dreams, and the diversity of them, with their significations, we shall be more large in our second part, when we shall treat of somniating Physiognomy; but in the mean time consider these Rules, and their Interpretations, for they are worthy the observation.
    • 2010 March/April, Willis G. Regier, “Shahrazad's New Clothes”, in World Literature Today, volume 84, number 2:
      The translation, by Malcolm C. Lyons and Ursula Lyons, shines like moonlight and magic mirrors, stimulates and somniates, echoes and recycles like a dream ...





  1. second-person plural present active imperative of somniō