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Written form of a reduction of "sorts of"


sortsa (singular sorta)

  1. (colloquial) Sorts of.
    • 1977, Fred C Dobbs, The Golden Age of B.S., page 93,
      Sends a letter to the Globe and Mail and starts claiming that his friend Mackay says that there's all sortsa cabinet ministers ringing up all sortsa judges in Canada.
    • 1984, DeKalb College, DeKalb Literary Arts Journal, Volume 17, page 38,
      "Oh. Togs. lt just means.. .special sortsa clothes. Toads? Gad, what a dodo l picked to fall in love with me."
    • 1988 June, Underground, in Spin, page 32,
      Hampton delves into all sortsa cultural rootage — from country blues to smarmy Broadway show-tunage, combining them in a friendly, swinging way. This is the sorta record that should appeal to anybody who gave up on Zappa after Weasels Ripped My Flesh.

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