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See also: spáin, Spain, and 'spáin

Scottish Gaelic[edit]


Borrowed from Old Norse spánn, spónn (compare Manx spein).


spàin f (genitive singular spàine, plural spàinean)

  1. spoon
    • 1894, Gaelic Society of Glasgow, Papers, page 292:
      Leighiseadh biadh á spàin adhairc bò bheò iomadh tinneas—'S e sin spàin a bha air a dèanamh de adhairc a chaill mart a bha fathast beò. 'N uair a rachadh am mart a mharbhadh, chailleadh an spàin a feartan leighis.
      A live cow's horn spoon cured many ailments—It was a spoon made from the horns of a lost cow that was still alive. When the cow was killed, the spoon lost its healing properties.

Derived terms[edit]