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squat +‎ -le?


squattle (third-person singular simple present squattles, present participle squattling, simple past and past participle squattled)

  1. (intransitive, Scotland) To squat or sprawl; to duck into concealment.
    • 1821, John Galt, Annals of the parish: or, the chronicle of Dalmailing [] (page 56)
      They tarried about a week among us, living in tents, with their little ones squattling among the litter []
    • 1877, John Timbs, James Mason, Year Book of Facts in Science and Art (page 46)
      Whenever they got to the water they threw themselves down and squattled into it. The moment they were in the water they acted just as if they were fishes.
    • 1900, Richard Doddridge Blackmore, Dariel: A Romance of Surrey (page 425)
      He spread his face out in such a manner that there was nothing left but mouth; as a young cuckoo in a sparrow's nest, when his stepmother cannot satisfy him, squattles his empty body down, and distends himself into one enormous gape.