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From dunke/dönke


tönke n

  1. being wrong with




  1. to be wrong with
Forth conjugation (Montfortian)
Present SV Past SV Present VS Past VS Subjunctive SV Subjunctive VS
First person singular ich tönk ich tönkdje tönk ich tönkdje-n ich ich tönke tönke-n ich
Second person singular doe tönks doe tönkdjes tönks se tönkdjes se doe tönke tönker-doe
Third person singular dae tönk dae tönkdje tönk t'r tönkdje d'r dae tönke tönker-dae
First person plural weer tönke weer tönkdje tönktj v'r tönkdje v'r weer tönke tönke v'r
Second person plural geer tönk(tj) geer tönkdje tönk(tj) g'r tönkdje g'r geer tönke tönketj g'r
Third person plural die tönke die tönkdje tönke die tönkdje die die tönke tönker-die
Other: Infinitive Gerund Present particle Past particle Adjective Adverb
Conjugation: (tö) tönke 't tönke n tönkendj höbbe getönk getönk(dje/dje-n/djer/djes) getönk(djelik)
Other: Noun Imperative singular impolite Imperative singular polite Imperative dual Imperative plural Ènkelzief
Conjugation: 't getönk n tönk! tönk(tj)! tönketj! tönktj! tönkem