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tailor make (third-person singular simple present tailor makes, present participle tailor making, simple past and past participle tailor made)

  1. Alternative form of tailor-make
    • 1990, Ellen J. Gehret, Rural Pennsylvania Clothing, page 121:
      This may have been camel's hair thread commonly used in tailor making of clothes.
    • 2004, Wendy Beckett, Quitting Smoking for Life, →ISBN:
      You can 'tailor make' a list of things to do when stressed.
    • 2012, Rita Muhammad, At Home! Abroad, →ISBN:
      So, when in search of a good, professional, to tailor make men's' suits, I decided to ask the best dressed man in Berekum where he purchased his suits; my principal.
    • 2015, Kevin Abdulrahman, 60 Minutes to Better Public Speaking, →ISBN:
      Constantly strive to tailor make your message at every opportunity you get.