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Alternative forms[edit]


From Old French chien, from Latin canis, from Proto-Indo-European *ḱwn-i-, derived from *ḱwṓ (dog).


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tchian m (plural tchians, feminine tchianne)

  1. (Jersey, Guernsey) dog
    • 2006, Marie de Garis, ‘Enne p'tite ôlure’, P'tites Lures Guernésiaises, Cromwell Press 2006, p. 22:
      La bête qui vit était daeux caoups aussi grànd qué lé pus grand tchen.
      The beast he saw was twice as big as the biggest dog.
    • 2006, TA Grut, ‘Les T'chens’, P'tites Lures Guernésiaises, Cromwell Press 2006, p. 58:
      Lè dangier dans les rues est terriblle, atou les motos, les ‘bikes’ et les t'chens.
      The danger in the streets is terrible, with all the motorbikes, the bikes and the dogs.

Derived terms[edit]


tchian m

  1. (Jersey) mean, selfish