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From an earlier teulel on a base taol-, cognate with Cornish tewlel on that same base towl-.



  1. (transitive) to throw



Personal forms
Indicative Conditional Imperative
Present Imperfect Preterite Future Present Imperfect
1s taolan taolen taolis taolin taolfen taoljen -
2s taolez taoles taoljout taoli taolfes taoljes taol
3s taol taole taolas taolo taolfe taolje taolet
1p taolomp taolemp taoljomp taolimp taolfemp taoljemp taolomp
2p taolit taolec'h taoljoc'h taolot taolfec'h taoljec'h taolit
3p taolont taolent taoljont taolint taolfent taoljent taolent
0 taoler taoled taoljod taolor taolfed taoljed -
Impersonal forms Mutated forms
Infinitive: teurel, teuler, taoler
Present participle: o teurel
Past participle: taolet (auxiliary verb: kaout)
Soft mutation after a: a daol-
Mixed mutation after e: e taol-
Soft mutation after ne/na: ne/na daol

Derived terms[edit]