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Appearently a conflation of took and taken, but possibly an old plural form of "took" that was conflated with the participle and uninflected past tense(In Middle English, past tenses were also inflected, and the plural and infinitive were -en, unlike Modern English, where plural and infinitive have no suffix, and plurals are uninflected).



  1. (dialect, nonstandard) past participle of take; nonstandard form of taken; past tense of take; nonstandard form of took.
    • 2000, Lois Lowry, Gathering Blue, page 161:
      "She be tooken. They tooken her away."
    • 2007 January 23, Michael Brick, “A Turbulent Life Is Described by the Family of a Killer”, in New York Times[1]:
      “You’re not supposed to let your child get tooken somewhere without your knowledge,” Cheryl Wilson said.