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  1. plural of torus
    • 1952, F. B. Fuller, Note on trajectories in a solid torus, in Annals of Mathematics 56(3), p439
      Replace 2 and 4 by thickened toruses 2′ and 4′ enclosing 3′ and replace 1 and 5 by the remaining regions.
    • 2000, George L. Hersey, Architecture and Geometry in the Age of the Baroque, page 29:
      Since we're discussing cosmic geometry, I will mention that the rings of angels are what mathematicians call toruses or anchor rings—i.e., doughnut-like shapes.
    • 2005, Donald E. Knuth, The Art of Computer Programming vol. 4 fasc. 4, p103
      Germain Kreweras ... enumerated spanning trees on grids, cylinders, and toruses, as well as oriented spanning trees on directed toruses such as Om × On.