true dat

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Altered pronunciation of true that.


true dat

  1. (slang) An emphatic statement of agreement or affirmation.
    • 2002, Sheila Copeland, Princess Sister, Sepia/BET Books (2002), ISBN 9781583142356, page 227:
      "No one would ever think you were born in Paris."
      "True dat."
    • 2007, Jennifer Echols, The Boys Next Door, Simon Pulse (2007), ISBN 9781416918318, page 109:
      "And Adam looks a lot like Sean."
      "True dat."
    • 2011 20 January, Bill Prady, Steven Molaro & Eric Kaplan, "The Love Car Displacement", episode 4-13 of The Big Bang Theory, 00:15:19-00:15:33:
      Penny: I really appreciate you letting me stay here tonight. [] I know it's kind of weird.
      Leonard Hofstadter: True dat.
      Penny: "True dat?"
      Leonard Hofstadter: I've gotten a lot more street since we broke up.
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