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From už- +‎ poryt. Compare Latvian aizparīt.


užporýt (not comparable)

  1. the day after the day after tomorrow; three days from today
    Synonyms: (dialectal) paporyt, (dialectal) poporyt, (uncommon) užporytoj
    Antonym: užužvakar (three days ago)

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Dates relative to today in Lithuanian
–3 (three days ago) –2 (two days ago) –1 (yesterday) 0 (today) +1 (tomorrow) +2 (in two days) +3 (in three days)
užužvakar užvakar vakar šiandien rytoj poryt užporyt
–3 (three years ago) –2 (two years ago) –1 (last year) 0 (this year) +1 (next year) +2 (in two years) +3 (in three years)
užužpernai užpernai pernai šiemet kitąmet [po dvejų metų] [po trejų metų]

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