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Pig Latin version of fuck.



  1. A slightly less offensive variation of fuck.
    • 1974, B. Clarence Hall, The Burning Season, page 238:
      "Uckfay offyay," Woodward seethed.
    • 1976, Tony Martin, ‎Cyd Charisse, ‎Dick Kleiner, The Two of Us, page 18:
      The good kids said, "Honk you, Larry," and the medium kids said, "Uckfay ooyay," but the bad kids said "Fuck" loud and clear.
    • 2001, Elizabeth McCracken, Niagara Falls All Over Again, page 83:
      "Listen," I said to Rock,"ixnay on the uckfay."
    • 2001, Stephen Hunter, Hot Springs, page 255:
      "Yeah, Dorothy, but you don't have to uck-fay him no more. I still do."
    • 2007, David Ives, Polish Joke and Other Plays:
      Uttway the uckfay are you talking about?
    • 2014, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Red Delicious: A Siobhan Quinn Novel:
      That mean I don't get so much as another uckfay from you and the unexpected baloney pony?