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ulos +‎ ajo



  1. driving off the road or the resulting crash
  2. (sports) send-off (penalty for a serious infraction of the rules in which the player is ordered to leave for the rest of the game; match penalty in ice hockey)

Usage notes[edit]

  • (driving off the road): ulosajo usually implies that the driving off the road is unintentional, albeit not necessarily, and that the accident itself is not caused by or does not involve contact with other cars.


Inflection of ulosajo (Kotus type 1/valo, no gradation)
nominative ulosajo ulosajot
genitive ulosajon ulosajojen
partitive ulosajoa ulosajoja
illative ulosajoon ulosajoihin
singular plural
nominative ulosajo ulosajot
accusative nom. ulosajo ulosajot
gen. ulosajon
genitive ulosajon ulosajojen
partitive ulosajoa ulosajoja
inessive ulosajossa ulosajoissa
elative ulosajosta ulosajoista
illative ulosajoon ulosajoihin
adessive ulosajolla ulosajoilla
ablative ulosajolta ulosajoilta
allative ulosajolle ulosajoille
essive ulosajona ulosajoina
translative ulosajoksi ulosajoiksi
instructive ulosajoin
abessive ulosajotta ulosajoitta
comitative ulosajoineen