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From German Umlaute, from um (around) + Laute (sounds).




  1. (rare, Germanism) plural of umlaut
    • 1874, English Dialect Society; Publications; № 4, 48, or 60; page 13:
      It is clear that in all these umlaute the new vowel is exactly intermediate between the original vowel of the root and the modifying one of the termination : if the new vowel became identical with its modifier, the result would be not an umlaut but a complete assimilation.
    • 1900, Albert S. Gatschet, “Grammatic Sketch of the Catawba Language”, in American Anthropologist, New Series, v 2, n 3, p 528 (self-published by the American Anthropological Association):
      The umlaute, or sounds of periphasis (ä, ö, ü), exist in the Catawba alphabet, e. g., in ómä, himself; túhö, small; dürûbi, iron; but they are not in frequent use.
    • 1945, United States Government Printing Office, Style manual: Issued by the public printer under authority of section 51 of an act of Congress approved January 12, 1895, page 306 (revised edition; self-published)
      Other than those of umlaute []
    • 1985, Darío Lucarella (editor), Proceedings of the First European Conference on TEX for Scientific Documentation, 16–17 May 1985, Como, Italy, pages 61{1}, 62{2}, 64{3} & {4}, &c. (Addison–Wesley Pub. Co.; ↑ISBN, 9780201133998):
      {1} When processing German text with TEX one is faced with the following problem: Many German words contain “umlaute” (ä, ö, ü, Ä, Ö, Ü) and/or the sharp S (ß). These letters are normally produced by control sequences (\"a ... \"U or \ss).
      {2} A reasonable place for the German umlaute might be the positions ’32 ... ’37 in the Computer Modern text fonts where normally the Scandinavian ligatures are placed.
      {3} The creation of the umlaute as described above is just a few lines of code.
      {4} It should be noticed that the procedure for handling umlaute as described above keeps TEX source files portable to other installations.
      Many computer users are tempted to use built-in umlaut features that come with mircosoft softwares. However, there are still people who do not use microsoft compatible computers (like Apple2) and who are not planning to buy a new computer just to be able to read umlaute. My suggestion is that umlaute be written as "a or ae, "o or oe, "u or ue.