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up- +‎ build


upbuild (third-person singular simple present upbuilds, present participle upbuilding, simple past and past participle upbuilt or upbuilded)

  1. (transitive) To build up (literally).
    • 1876, in the American Journal of Science, volume 111, page 299 [1]:
      [] under all circumstances, whether the surface be uppushed by horizontal mashing of sediments or upbuilt by the outsqueezing of melted matter, the increase of height would be the same []
    • 1976, William Morris Davis, The coral reef problem:
      These three islands therefore exemplify, after a fashion, the Rein-Murray theory of oceanic banks, upbuilt by pelagic deposits, as atoll foundations.
  2. (transitive) To build up; to develop (figuratively).
    • 1904, in The Outlook, volume 76, page 616 [2]:
      Briefly, the Republic, as he sees it, was upbuilt by a cunningly manipulated political machine that reared a seemingly solid superstructure on the false foundation of the interests of a class rather than of the people.
    • 1908, in the American poultry advocate, volume 17, page 363 [3]:
      It is certain that the laying traits can be up-built by breeding from the heavy layers, just as the milk producing qualities have been built up by breeding from great milk producers; []
    • 20002, in Kierkegaard's upbuilding discourses: philosophy, theology, literature (George Pattison), page 26 [4]:
      The cultured, on the other hand, are only upbuilt by forgetting about the petty, individual circumstances of life: []
    • 2007 September 7, Dennis Hevesi, “James Jackson, Rights Activist, Dies at 92”, in New York Times[5]:
      “For 300 years as bondsmen and some 93 years as freemen, under slaver’s whip and Jim Crow law,” Mr. Jackson wrote in The Daily Worker in 1958, “Negro Americans have yielded up their labor and expended their lives for the upbuilding of this country in yet unfathomed measure.”