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up +‎ til.



  1. (India) Alternative form of up till
    • 1974, Planning and Development Department, Punjab Development Review and Prospects, Volumes 3-4, Punjab (Pakistan), page 96:
      About 800 tractors were to be purchased in the scheme but actually 509 tractors were purchased uptil the end of January 1974.
    • 1989, Aruna Saxena, Perspectives in Industrial Geography: A Case Study of an Industrial City of Uttar Pradesh, Concept Publishing Company, page 61:
      In the north this area extends uptil New Kavi Nagar, in the south uptil national Bye-pass Road, in the east uptil municipal limits []
    • 1988, Bameshwar Singh, Congress Ministries Under the High Command Shadow, Bihar (India): Commonwealth Publishers, page 88:
      As has been seen earlier Mrs. Indira Gandhi was elected Congress President in February 1959 and continued to hold the office uptil December 1961.

Usage notes[edit]

Standard in Indian English