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From Middle Low German wōnunge, wāninge, from Old Saxon *wonunga, *wununga, from Proto-West Germanic *wunungu, from Proto-Germanic *wunungō. Cognate with English woning, German Wohnung.


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våning c

  1. (large) apartment
  2. floor, storey / story of a building

Usage notes[edit]

Enumeration of the floors in Sweden is usually made by denoting the floor on, or closest to, the entry level (the ground floor) either bottenvåning (literally, bottom floor) or våningen 0 (floor zero), while the next is första våningen (first floor) or 1 tr. (=1 trappa, one flight of stairs), and the one after that andra våningen (second floor) or 2 tr. and so on.


Declension of våning 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative våning våningen våningar våningarna
Genitive vånings våningens våningars våningarnas