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From the same stem as viest (to produce, to cause) (q.v.), in the a-grade and with an extra -lā. The original meaning was probably “increase” (in an animal group) > “offspring.” Like its Lithuanian cognate, vaisla also previously had the meaning “species,” “variety,” “kind,” before restricting itself to its current semantic range. Cognates include Lithuanian veĩslė (brood, litter, species, variety).[1]


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vaisla f (4th declension)

  1. breed, breeding (the continuation of the species via the production of offspring)
    vaislas bullisbreeding bull
    vaislas lopu audzēšanathe raising of breeding animals
    vaislas gatavībabreading maturity
    vaislas laiksbreeding time
    vaislas mātefemale animal kept for breeding (lit. brood mother)
  2. brood, litter
    divi kucēni no vienas vaislastwo puppies from the same litter


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