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Blend of Web +‎ publish


weblish (third-person singular simple present weblishes, present participle weblishing, simple past and past participle weblished)

  1. (Internet, transitive) To publish on the Web (as distinguished from in print).
    • 1997, David Atherton, David Steffen, and Sinai Yarus, "Scientific publishing : Paper or perish," Science Tribune, March 1997
      Some libraries, especially those affiliated with academic institutions, may add weblishing to their archival function by putting e-journals on-line.
    • 2008, "Big Picture," Project PEN: Problems in Elementary Number Theory (blog), June 27, 2008
      After about two months, we will weblish the first official edition of PEN extended with more problems.
    • 2011, "Weblicize," Urban Dictionary
      "weblication" could also be used in like fashion, and "a weblication" could also refer to specific text, images, or other materials which are "weblicated"/"weblicized"/"weblished".