whomp up

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Alternative forms[edit]


whomp up (third-person singular simple present whomps up, present participle whomping up, simple past and past participle whomped up)

  1. (slang, transitive) To produce quickly, particularly a meal.
    Synonyms: cook up, rustle up, whip up
    Why don't I just whomp up some scrambled eggs while you're waiting?
    • 2010, David Levine, The Mars Diaries, page 284:
      I whomped up a batch of fried rice with tofu, miscellaneous vegetables, and rehydrated egg whites, which wasn't bad despite the fact that we're all out of soy sauce.
  2. (slang, transitive) To incite or generate.
    The artist's latest stunt was obviously an attempt to whomp up some cheap publicity.