wild out

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Alternative forms[edit]


wild out (third-person singular simple present wilds out, present participle wilding out, simple past and past participle wilded out)

  1. (transitive, African American Vernacular) To react overly enthusiastically or aggressively, especially as a sudden reaction.
    • 2006, King Magazine, page 85:
      Your baby-mama will not wild out if you make sure she's straight and she's comfortable.
    • 2011, Ms.Ly.Ric, Frozen in Time: A Collection of My Thoughts, →ISBN, page 69:
      To make me grin from ear to ear or chase the gratyness from any day when I'm upset he says “Listen it is okay to cry” and “When you're mad it's alright to wild out, don't hold anything inside”
    • 2012, Monique Grant, Imperfect Angel, →ISBN, page 40:
      I shook my head at him to let him know not to wild out on her.
    • 2017, Ashley, Never Judge a Book by Its Cover, →ISBN:
      Josh then say, “Jarmen be wilding out, and I know he be on that powder”!.
    • 2017, BraRysheyia Simpson, Chosen, →ISBN:
      As young people living and loving Christ, we should not wild out at the clubs, pour up the Hennessey, or smoke those drugs.
    When she heard the rumor, she just started wilding out!
  2. To stop using behaviors associated with civilization; to rebel against one's cultural mores.
    • 2006, Latina - Volume 11, page 469:
      I was just wilding out. But even though I was a rebel kid, I was focused in school. I was an honor student. It was weird.
    • 2010, Angel Bartlett, Wounded, But Not Broken: The Life of a Therapeutic Foster Child, →ISBN:
      At this point in my life, I was receiving so many beatings between my grandma and mom that I became immune. I was slowly beginning to wild out, not follow any of the rules, roll my eyes, smack my lips and even take up for myself sometimes.
    • 2011, Anna J., My Little Secret, →ISBN, page 137:
      I'd hate to have to wild out up in this camp. I check my lips to make sure they are nice and glossy and that my hair looks good before I get out and go inside.