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From y'all +‎ -selves.



  1. (US, nonstandard, rare) Yourselves.
    • 1958, National Speleological Society, NSS News, page 65:
      Thus, the list is Bill Varnedoe (NSS 3160) Field Trip Coordinator

      tailored both for the “do-it-y’allselves” cavers and for the convention field-trippers.
    • 1980, Samuel Wheat, Melting Pot: A Novel, page 137:
      “Oh, yeah, I’ll do that. And y’all take care of y’allselves. —And write me.”
    • 1996: James Earl Hardy, 2 nd Time Around, p104
      I know both of y’all better than y’all know y’allselves.
    • 2005, J. C. Arlington, A Red Horse Rode Out, page 17:
      Y’all worms call y’allselves soldiers? Y’all still wet behind the ears from being coddled by your mamas!

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