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y- (3rd person object prefix) + -Ø- (3rd person subject prefix) + -ł- (classifier, causative)-béézh (conclusive imperfective stem of root -BÉÉZH, “to boil”).


yiłbéézh (transitive)

  1. he/she is boiling it


Paradigm: Conclusive (Ø/si).

IMPERFECTIVE singular duoplural plural
1st person yishbéézh yiilbéézh deiilbéézh
2nd person niłbéézh wołbéézh daałbéézh
3rd person yiłbéézh deiłbéézh
4th person jiłbéézh dajiłbéézh
PERFECTIVE singular duoplural plural
1st person shéłbéézh shiilbéézh dashiilbéézh
2nd person shíníłbéézh shoołbéézh dashoołbéézh
3rd person yishbéézh deishbéézh
4th person jishbéézh dajishbéézh
FUTURE singular duoplural plural
1st person deeshbish diilbish dadiilbish
2nd person dííłbish doołbish dadoołbish
3rd person yidoołbish deidoołbish
4th person jidoołbish dazhdoołbish

Verbal stems[edit]

  • IMPERFECTIVE: -béézh
  • PERFECTIVE: -béézh
  • FUTURE: -bish
  • ITERATIVE: -bish
  • OPTATIVE: -béézh

Related terms[edit]

  • yibéézh (it boils, intransitive)
  • yilbéézh (it is being boiled, passive-agentive)