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zizzle (third-person singular simple present zizzles, present participle zizzling, simple past and past participle zizzled)

  1. Synonym of sizzle
    • 1950, Rodney L. de B. Walkerley, Motoring Abroad (page 152)
      Water ran slap across the roadway from the hillsides and every few seconds the scene jumped into light and was gone again as the lightning zizzled through the clouds above.
    • 2001, Gene Gach, Honestly! (page 136)
      The fuse was lit and zizzling away; champagne, skyrockets, pinwheels and finally The Great Whiz-Bang; my back arched, my hands twisted around her soft silken hair.
    • 2008, Margot Starr Kernan, Secret Passages (page 79)
      Billy and I joined forces to pick on my sweet younger sister Lisa—once we had her electrocute worms by putting them into a peashooter and sticking them into an open light socket, which zizzled and sparked as the poor worms were fried.