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Imitative; compare zap, zip.



  1. (colloquial) Sound effect suggesting rapid motion.
    • 1989, Charles A. Murray, ‎Catherine Bly Cox, Apollo, the race to the moon (page 223)
      "Let me show you how this damn stuff explodes in pure oxygen," Johnson said, and turned on the projector. Markley was "totally aghast" himself. "It just went ZOOP! It was unbelievable. The stuff burned like you couldn't imagine."
    • 1999, School Library Journal (volume 45, issues 1-6, page 180)
      On the day they play the Wild Things for the City Cup, he dons his gear (pulling on his underwear with a "zap" and his socks with a "zoop") and heads for the field.
    • 1999, Popular Photography (November 1999)
      And a bit more manly (or womanly) turn of a long tripod screw in a shallow tripod socket and, zoop, through the socket end goes the tripod screw, right into the camera works. And this can also happen with inadequate metal tripod sockets []
    • 2010, Carolyn Godschild Miller, Soulmates
      She'd tell me about one guy she'd kind of strung along without really meaning to, and zoop! Some of the glamour I'd been seeing in her would just vanish. Then she started in on the next one and again—zoop! Smaller still!





  1. singular past indicative of zuipen