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Etymology 1[edit]

глаз (glaz) +‎ -ок (-ok)


глазо́к (glazókm inan

  1. Diminutive of глаз (glaz)
  2. little eye
  3. (plural only) goo-goo eyes
    стро́ить гла́зкиstróitʹ glázki ― make eyes at

Etymology 2[edit]


глазо́к (glazókm inan

  1. eye spot, globule
    Глазок жира в супе — A globule of fat on soup.
  2. (colloquial) reproductive bud on a vegetable
    Картофельный глазок — Potato eye.
  3. (horticulture) (in rural areas) kidney-shaped scion cut from a plant and grafted onto rootstock
  4. (biology) lentigo or pigmented spot (in the coloration of insects, birds, plants); circle or dot in the design on a fabric
    Павлиний глазок на хвосте — eye on a peacock’s tailfeather.
  5. (technical) eyelet for threading the warp on a loom
  6. eyehole, peephole, spyhole, or optical device for seeing through a wall or door
    Дверной глазок — peephole.