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From Proto-Slavic *jьmę, from Proto-Indo-European *h₁nómn̥.

The so-called н-declension of this and nine other similar neuter nouns stems from the fact that the word-final -я was the nasal vowel Ѧ, ѧ (little yus) in Old Church Slavonic and Late Proto-Slavic, resulting in the -ен- before all the case endings in the modern language. Compare the declension of Old Church Slavonic имѧ (imę).



и́мя (ímjan (genitive и́мени, nominative plural имена́)

  1. name, first name, Christian name, given name (for inanimate things, see название)
    и́мя и о́тчествоímja i ótčestvo ― first name and patronymic
    Заво́д и́мени Ста́линаZavód ímeni Stálina ― Stalin Automobile Plant
    и́мя при рожде́нииímja pri roždénii ― birth name
  2. (grammar) noun, substantive
    имя существительноеimja suščestvitelʹnoje ― noun
    имя прилагательноеimja prilagatelʹnoje ― adjective


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