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семеро (sémero)

  1. seven (in a group together), seven of them
    семеро детей (detej) — seven children
    семеро часов (časov) — seven watches
    семеро очков (očkov) — seven pairs of glasses
    семеро из нас — seven of us
    нас было семеро — there were seven of us

Usage notes[edit]

The nominative of a collective numeral governs the genitive plural of the noun, pronoun, or adjective. The other cases agree with that of the noun, pronoun, or adjective. Not used with feminine nouns. Used mostly when speaking of children and with a few nouns that are used in the plural only, such as часы, очки, or with pronouns.


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се́меро (sémero)

  1. (collective number) seven

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