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Proper noun[edit]


  1. (mythology) The god of heaven in the Finnish mythology, often mentioned with the epithet ylijumala (supreme god).
    • 1849 Kalevala (Translation 1988 by Eino Friberg) 14:304-308:
      Oi Ukko, ylijumala, / Ukko, pilvien pitäjä, / Hattarojen hallitsija! / Taivas auoksi avaos, / Ilma kaikki ikkunoiksi!
      O thou Ukko, god of gods, / Ukko, keeper of the clouds, / Ruler of the random cloudlets! / Open up the heavens wide, / All the windows of the sky!
  2. A male given name.


Usage notes[edit]

  • The formerly rare given name has become more common in the 2000s.

Derived terms[edit]