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Originated as a meme on the /b/ board of the 4chan community. It was inspired by a grammatical error in a poem that the classmate of a teenager who committed suicide in 2006 wrote and posted to a MySpace memorial page.[1]


an hero (third-person singular simple present an heros, present participle an heroing, simple past and past participle an heroed)

  1. (Internet, slang) To commit suicide.


an hero (plural an heroes or an heros)

  1. (Internet, slang) One who commits suicide.
    • 2007 10 August, the_boy_blunder [username], “Fiddildy Fucking Dee, it's enough to make you not want to kill yourself”,, Usenet:
      In the clip, Dave Mustaine (our hero of the story, yet not yet "an hero") is shown recording "Through the Darkest Hour" a song about wanting to kill yourself because your bird left you.
    • 2008 24 December, Alex Clark, “Re: Tom Cruise on Kimmel last night”, alt.religion.scientology, Usenet:
      Some of us were beginning to think you'd made yourself into "an hero" for Christmas, but I always knew you'd be back.
    • 2009 22 August, ., “BECOMING AN HERO”,, Usenet:
      I like how I can tell someone that I want to become an hero and they have no idea that I'm talking about suicide.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see the citations page.


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