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appendant (comparative more appendant, superlative most appendant)

  1. attached as an appendage
  2. annexed; concomitant
    a seal appendant to a paper
    • Jeremy Taylor
      As they have transmitted the benefit to us, it is but reasonable we should suffer the appendant calamity.
  3. (law) Appended by prescription, that is, a personal usage for a considerable time; said of a thing of inheritance belonging to another inheritance which is superior or more worthy; as, an advowson, common, etc. , which may be appendant to a manor, common of fishing to a freehold, a seat in church to a house.
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appendant (plural appendants)

  1. Anything attached to another as incidental or subordinate to it.
  2. (law) An inheritance annexed by prescription to a superior inheritance.




  1. third-person plural present active subjunctive of appendō