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bachata (uncountable)

  1. A genre of music originating in the Dominican Republic.
    • 2007 February 4, Alex Mindlin, “Yearning to Break the Lock on a Long-Shuttered Park”, New York Times:
      “All the time they complain about it,” said Rafael Batista, the owner of Quisqueya Records, a store whose list of new releases, in keeping with the neighborhood’s large Dominican population, is divided into merengue, salsa, balada and bachata.
  2. A style of dance accompanying this music.
    • 2007 August 3, The New York Times, “Dance Listings”, New York Times:
      From 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., Brooklyn’s own ReggaeLution band will perform, and at 9, D.J. Lumumba (a k a Revolution) will preside over an inclusive Caribbean dance party, from bachata to zouk and back again.




IPA(key): /ba.ˈtʃa.ta/


bachata f (plural bachatas)

  1. bachata
  2. (Antilles) party