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Etymology 1[edit]

From the participle of the obsolete Catalan verb croar (to cross).


  • (Eastern Catalan) IPA(key): [kɾuˈat]
  • (Western Catalan, Balearic) IPA(key): [kɾoˈat]


croat m (feminine croada, masculine plural croats, feminine plural croades)

  1. (obsolete) having the shape of a cross
  2. (obsolete) decorated with one or more crosses


a croat of Pere II de Barcelona minted in 1285

croat m (plural croats)

  1. (historical, military) Crusader (a Christian warrior who went on a crusade)
  2. (obsolete but later revived) crusader (anyone engaged in a concerted effort to do good)
  3. (historical, numismatics) A silver coin of the County of Barcelona minted from 1285 to 1706 and worth 12 diners, so named on account of the large cross on the reverse.
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Etymology 2[edit]

From Serbo-Croatian Hr̀vāt (Croat).


croat m (feminine croata, masculine plural croats, feminine plural croates)

  1. Croatian (pertaining to Croatia, to the Croatian people, or to the Croatian language)


croat m (plural croats, feminine croata)

  1. Croat (an inhabitant of Croatia or an ethnic Croat)
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Proper noun[edit]

croat m

  1. Croatian (a Slavic language of the Balkans)