get out of Dodge

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Dodge City, Kansas was a busy cattle town in the late 19th century and the site of a famous set of gun battles called the Dodge City War.

Usage notes[edit]


get out of Dodge

  1. (US, idiomatic) To leave; in particular to leave a difficult or dangerous environment with all possible haste.
    • 1952-75 Taken from the radio and television series Gunsmoke[1], the phrase apparently "turned into youth slang in the mid-1960s, and became common by the 1970s" [2]. Additional source here[3].
    • 1988 United States Congress Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. Subcommittee on Public Lands, National Parks, and Forests (page 94) [4]
      The pulp mills, he predicts, "are going to just high-grade all the best trees and get the hell out of Dodge
    • 1999 -- The Cave Divers by Bob Burgess, Robert F. Burgess (page 298) [5]
      When Jasper surfaced, Skiles though to himself, Woody will come through. He'll find the way. He always gets us out of predicaments like this. Now that he's back it's just a matter or gearing up, getting in the water and getting the hell out of Dodge.