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girl +‎ love


girllove (uncountable)

  1. (euphemistic) Paedophilic love of girls.
    • 1981, Burton M Leiser, Values in conflict: life, liberty, and the rule of law:
      Now, it is unlikely, had a large number of professional men in Boston been charged with sexual conduct with fourteen-year-old girls, that people would have rallied to their support waving the banner of "girllove".
    • 2009, "Ignored By The Liberal Mass Media", The Duke University Child Rape Case Proves Pedophilia Isn't an "Orientation", in alt.politics.homosexuality, Usenet:
      I believe that the vast majority of heterosexual men have an attraction to prepubescent and pubescent girls, they just cannot bring themselves to accept it. Girllove has always been common, just look at Japan and the girl modeling industry in eastern europe.

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