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Alternative forms[edit]

Etymology 1[edit]

Written form of a reduction of got you. got +‎ -cha




  1. (colloquial) Got you; have you; as in capture or apprehend.
    I gotcha now, ya little twerp.
  2. (colloquial) Understand; comprehend.
    Yeah, I gotcha. Good thinkin'!
  3. (colloquial) Got you covered, got your back; when you have an advantage or responsibility over someone.
    Gotcha! Go on in...
  4. (colloquial) Got you back; as in after causing some form of retaliation or revenge against someone.
    Gotcha! And don't ever do that to me again.
  5. (colloquial) Got you by surprise; Exclamation indicating a successful trick or prank.
    Gotcha! They never notice the whoopie cushion!
  6. (colloquial) Got you by surprise; as in engineering or computer programming; typically an unintended consequence or problem caused by a small variation in areas such as command syntax, function definition, results application.
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Etymology 2[edit]

Direct acquisition of gotcha, the contraction of got you.


gotcha (plural gotchas)

  1. (colloquial) A potential problem or source of trouble.
    Review the work thoroughly and make sure there are no gotchas.
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