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Perhaps from British military slang, possibly based on a Scots word kludge or kludgie (common toilet), or perhaps from German klug (clever). Alternatively, possibly related to Polish and Russian klucz (a key, a hint, a main point).

Alternatively, perhaps from to Dutch Low Saxon klütje ((little) dumpling, clod), Jutland Danish klyt (piece of bad workmanship, klud(g)e); compare and standard Danish kludder (mess, disorder). (Compare klutz.)

There is evidence that kluge (which see) was once a separate word with similar meaning but separate derivation, but the spelling kludge was widely popularized in the US by a 1962 Datamation article on “How to Design a Kludge”, and since then the two words have often been used as alternative spellings of each other.



kludge (plural kludges)

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  1. (electronics engineering) An improvised device, usually crudely constructed. Typically used to test the validity of a principle before doing a finished design.
  2. (general) Any construction or practice, typically inelegant, designed to solve a problem temporarily or expediently.
  3. (computing) An amalgamated mass of totally unrelated parts forming a distressing whole.

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kludge (third-person singular simple present kludges, present participle kludging, simple past and past participle kludged)

  1. to build or use a kludge

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