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komandants m (1st declension, feminine form: komandante)

  1. (military) army commandant, officer in charge (of an army group, or of a military installation or facility)
    cietokšņa komandants — fortress commandant
    iecelt komandantu — to appoint a commandant
  2. (military) commander, officer responsible for proper execution of guard duty and for the discipline of soldiers in public places
    pilsētas komandants — city commandant
    garnizona komandants — garrison commander
    nometnes komandants — camp commandant
  3. superintendent or administrator of a building belonging to a public or educational institution
    skolas kopmītnes komandantssuperintendent of the school dormitory
    sporta pilsētiņas komandantssuperintendent of the sports dormitory


Derived terms[edit]