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non- +‎ virile

Alternative forms[edit]


nonvirile (not comparable)

  1. Not virile.
    • 1984: Tony Hillerman, The Spell of New Mexico, [1]
      Then there is a consistency, if this feminine theory is true, in the old-womanlike faces of the middle-aged Pueblo Indians; they are stout and appear nonvirile and non-sexual.
    • 1992: Edward Jayne, Negative poetics‎, [2]
      Finally, as if by afterthought, Barthes added a final antinomy between virile and nonvirile to complete the regressive sequence for rejecting heterosexual []
    • 2004: Jude Deveraux, Remembrance‎, [3]
      As every romance writer and reader knows, there are virile names and there are nonvirile names.
  2. (grammar) Pertaining to a grammatical gender used in plurals of some Slavic languages, corresponding to the personal masculine inanimate, feminine and neuter nouns.
    • 1975: Maria Zagórska Brooks, Polish Reference Grammar, page 317 (Walter de Gruyter; ISBN 9789027933133)
      The nonvirile form is used for nouns of masculine gender not referring to human beings and for neuter and feminine gender nouns. [] Numerals from five through ten distinguish between two forms: the form for virile gender nouns and the form for nonvirile gender nouns which the numerals quantify.